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Australian and New Zealand Burns Association (ANZBA) Bi-National Burns Registry


Background information

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Date last updated

April 2007

Background information

Australian and New Zealand Burns Association (ANZBA) Bi-National Burns Registry established 2003 at Alfred Burns unit, from 2008, collaborative with DEPM. National benchmarking & quality activities in burns management in Australia and New Zealand, and facilitate multicentre research projects. The Bi-National Burns Registry is data repository capturing information about adult & paediatric patients with new burn injuries admitted to all Australian and New Zealand burns units. The aims of the registry are to: describe the epidemiology of burn injuries & inform the development of burn injury prevention strategies in Australia and New Zealand; to monitor the type & quality of burn care management; to establish the clinical outcomes of burn patients; to improve service planning; to develop best practice clinical guidelines initiatives, and to benchmark performance indicators on a state, national and international level.

Reference population

What is the common circumstance that determines inclusion in the registry

All patients admitted to a Burns Unit with any burn

What geographical area is covered by the registry

Sixteen burns units in Australia have been recruited; 9 currently

contributing data

Which group, if any, is not represented in the registry yet ought to be?

Seven hospitals in Australia have burns units but are not currently submitting data.




Date in which data was first collected


Number of individuals/ episodes of care included in the registry

1780 individuals

Date in which this was determined


How is data collected?

Paper-based reporting

What variables are included in the registry

Identifier_condition or intervention_short term outcome or long term outcome

What proportion of the eligible population is included in the database – how complete is the dataset?

Unknown or few (<80%)

If the registry documents management of patients, for what periods of time are individuals followed up?


Data dictionary


Data linkage

To which other database is linkage routinely undertaken


If nationally approved codes are used to identify the subject, clinician or institution, what is link key?

Hospital identifier


How are records stored on the database?

Reversibily anonymised


Have subjects given consent for data collection?

Subjects informed individually of data collection and use to which it will be put

What is the level to which subjects have consented?

Opt off- Signed consent not obtained but option to be removed from registry




What is the primary outcome collected by the registry?


Is there any bias associated with the outcome due to the way in which it was reported?

Observer neither independent nor blinded to the intervention

How and when was completeness of the registry last determined?






Is the registry endorsed by any clinical/professional association?

Australian and New Zealand Burns Association

Was a Steering Committee established when the registry was developed?


Is a Management Committee supporting the registry?


How often does the Management Committee meet?


Have Terms of Reference been established with reporting processes to address issues?


What is the source of funding for the registry?

Public sector(DHS/Uni)